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Owner & Baker

Abbie Alf

Abbie is a recent UGA grad who has always had a passion for baking. Growing up right outside of Atlanta, she baked pies, muffins, and of course, cookies. After months of experimenting with different candies and ingredients, she handcrafted her own cookie recipe in the summer of 2019. She has been baking cookies ever since, and locally delivers and ships her cookies. Abbie bakes each cookie with love and perfection. After years of hard work and growing her customer base, she won the UGA Idea Accelerator program in November of 2021 and is looking to expand her business even further.

Moving Forward

Abbie is currently turning her passion into a business. She loves baking, and hopes to turn her fifteen year old dream of owning a baking business into reality. "I want to make everyone's cookie dreams come true!" -Abbie Alf